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Dylan About me: Couple
Smoking: Yes
Pets: No
Location: Dallas, United States
Maximum rent: 967
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: Dylan
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Thanks for looking at my post. My post is very specific, as I have found that I really need the perfect roommate. So, if you think you meet my requirements, please get in touch.

Looking ONLY for ONE non-smoking preferably a female roommate due the fact that I have my son a 5yo that lives with me 3-4 nights per week.

The room is availible now although, there are a couple of minor things I would like to do before you were to move in.

I am renting out one bedroom picture on bottom right of my home to ONE full-time employed employed / student female. The dimensons are approximatey 13x15 i'll double check that, but the room is a really good size. I am looking for someone that holds a regular work schedule meaning not someone that works at night and is home all day, and a new one. . . not someone that is coming and going all hour of the night in order to keep the utility cost down I work approximately 100 hours per week, and have returned back to school. Something else that should also be understood, but just in case it is not, please do not intend on moving your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend into the house once you are here. That just will not happen, and the subject of the occasional overnight guest will be discussed if you like me, the house, your room, and if I think you would be a good housemate candidate.

The perfect roommate does not have any animals and does not smoke, is drug free, and has a clean crimminal background. I realize none of us are perfect, but please have these qualies, in addition to a host of many others. I will also need a few references and will verify that you do work where you say you do.

My home is located east of downtown Fort Worth, in the Historic West Meadowbrook area. I am within two blocks of the busline No. 2 or 2E, if you happen not to have a car. I am 5 min from Texas Wesleyan University Main Campus TWU as well as 10 min from the Texas Wesleyan School of Law , 12 Min from Texas Christian University TCU, and about 15 min from the University of Texas at Arlington UTA.

The bedroom has a 3/4 bath meaning a shower, sink, and toilet ~ if you need access to a tub, you may use the other bathroom, and is also accessible from the outside with a private entrance. The home is safe, secure, and clean. I prefer to keep it that way. Did I mention its a quiet atmosphere? Well, it's that too!

The rent is $325. per month, plus 1/2 of the utilites electric, gas and water. Wireless Cable Internet is included in your rent. The lease is for 6 months. At the end of the 5th month, you will need to make a decision if you will stay for another 6 months, and sign another 6 month lease or if you will choose to depart at the end of the following month. There is a deposit. I feel $150.00 is more than fair. I have never had to charge a deposit before, a while ago a renter ruined it for everyone else leaving in the middle of the night owing money and unfullfilled promises to pay her debt, after living there for 11 months - but it typically would not exceed $150. which is the max antcipated amount of your utility portion.

Your portion of the utilities will range between $75. and $150. per month. Therefore, if you cannot afford $400. - $475. for rent and utilities, please do not waste my time or yours, as this may not be the place for you.

You will be allowed to use the other common areas of the house, including the kitchen, laundry room, dining room, living room, and front and back patio areas. The back patio is under construction, and turning into a sun/garden room. You will be responsible for cleaning up after youself. There will be space for you to keep your food in the fridge and pantry, and your laundry items in the laundry room. I promise not to eat your food and use your laundry detergent, so, please don't use mine.

Ok, I think that covered it, but if there is something that I didn't or you have additonal questions, please let me know.

In closing, the pics below of the inside of the house were taken before I moved in, so I do have furniture now- LOL!

The bottom Right Pic is of your bedroom

Beach at I-30

Location: Fort Worth