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Lisa About me: Couple
Smoking: No
Pets: Yes
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Maximum rent: 684
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: Lisa
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Why ROOMETTES should be as foreign to each other? Or not talk to each other....


Professional musician, singer, cantor, writer, plays the piano, [with a private recording studio ], in classical music world, [Hebrew and English songs], neat and tidy, spiritual, respectful man, calm, understanding, love intelligent conversation, likes to listen, a sense of humor, good

character, vegetarian , likes to help at home [cooking, cleaning ..], - is looking for a Roommate. calm female, positive,SPIRITUAL, good friend, social, musician or love music, spiritual, and positive.

If you are seeking the same thing, please write.

You will have a private room at the ground, with a small courtyard, with flowers. In Nachlaut.Center of Jerusalem,

Rent: 1000 INS/MONTH

Please no couple! No drama!

Thank you
Lovely day!