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Jamir About me: Female
Smoking: Yes
Pets: Yes
Location: Paris, France
Maximum rent: 902
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: Jamir
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* Captcha: ujcx08


Welcome to Bohemia, Earthlings!

Available immediately, a unique single room at the best location in Paris.

You've heard about it, you've read about it and now you can experience it! The question is, are you ready for it? Are you tired of those well-kept lawns in New England? Is California just way over the top for you? Have you had it with the efficiency of those German trains? Is the punctuality of the Japanese just driving you batty? Is that smiling old English woman who sells you your muffins in the morning about to make you puke? Are the wide open spaces of Australia starting to feel a bit boring? Is Ireland just a wee bit too small? And how about the engineering of the Swedes? Are you sick of all things sterile? Have you just about fucking had it? Are you ready for a bit of, well, bohemia?

Well for goodness' sakes I bet you are! If you have read this far then we might just have the right place for you. Bring your old copies of Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer" and George Orwell's "Down and Out in Paris and London." Bring your cameras and your paintbrushes, your pens and your notepads. If you are into everything wild and wacky, then you might just fit in. Artists, writers, photographers and all around wackos are most welcome.

We have a 17th century room just 2 minutes from Shakespeare and Company, right near the Seine river and 3 minutes from Notre Dame. This is THE location. There is not a straight wall in the place. It was cleaned in the middle ages. The windows are crooked and there are photos and art on the walls.

Are you a law student? Did you study economics? Math? Do you like order and everything to be, uh, well, "tidy?" Then take your mouse and click that little button on the top left of your screen that will take you back to the main page of Craigslist. This ad is not for you. Stay in London or New York or if you absolutely MUST come to Paris then please find something in a double-digit arrondissement like the 16th or the 15th, that would be more your speed.

So if this sounds like something that tickles your fancy, how about coming over for a cup of tea? You can check out our pad and we can see what goes.

Available now, but only to the right earthling. No uptight New Yorkers or Mid-West whiners. New Englanders better watch out!

Come and check it out, baby, and Welcome to Bohemia!

Cash only

One month:650E - Two months: 600 per month

Please send a photo and CV if interested, then call. If you don't have a CV, a paragraph about yourself will do the trick.

There is no answering machine... if no-one answers after a few rings, try again.

Skype: CallMeLucky1

01 4326 4475

cats are OK
Location: Paris - Notre Dame