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Cayden About me: Female
Smoking: Yes
Pets: Yes
Location: Raleigh, United States
Maximum rent: 877
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: Cayden
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My current roommate just graduated and is moving out the week of May 6th, so I'm in the market for a new one for the latter half of May and on. There's no lease to sign.

About the place:
It's a small cottage in the upper half of the neighborhood. The room for rent is small same size as mine and we would be sharing a tiny I repeat, tiny bathroom. This hasn't been an issue with any previous roommates, I'm just trying to set expectations. If you like food, the house has a galley kitchen complete with dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. If you like washing clothes, the kitchen also has a stacked washer and dryer. There's a nice dining room, and a pretty large living room. No cable, but lots of internet. Most of the house is furnished, except for the rent-able bedroom. There's a backyard, which joins directly to Dorothea Dix campus...which makes the backyard 100s of acres in size for all practical purposes. Plus, we're a 7 minute bike ride from downtown, and it's an easy walk as well.

It's not a cookie-cutter abode. The kitchen is linoleum, the living and dining areas are hardwood. Both bedrooms are carpeted with a remnant from some hotel around here.

Roommate-wise, I prefer students. I'm in grad school, and having another student around makes things easier. Hopefully you'll be able to move in during the latter half of May just as NCSU lets out. I'm quite easy to live with; the fridge always has beer and I cook a fair bit. The house is listed on Couchsurfing.org, so rando's may show up every now and then.

Let me know if you're interested. Male or female doesn't matter. The choice will be based on a brief compatibility interview, with preferential treatment for those able to move in during the latter part of May. You'll only have to pay a half month's rent!

Kirby at Bilyeu

Location: SW Raleigh, NC