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Aaron About me: Female
Smoking: No
Pets: No
Location: Seattle, United States
Maximum rent: 840
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: Aaron
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Alright, so it kind of sounds like a personals' ad...
But in a way, looking for a roommate is just that, very personal.
I mean, talk about an intimate relationship, we would be living together. It's conceivable that we might bump into each other near the bathroom, or in the kitchen, and you would be privy to each others' living habits.

And "they" do say that you never really know someone until you live with them. Of course, "they" say a lot of things...

The SKINNY on the house -

It's a 4 bedroom home located right off the major bus lines walking distance to Starbuck's isn't everywhere in Seattle near a Starbuck's?!?, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, fast food, bars, drugstores, etc.
There are hardwood floors throughout the house.
Your bedroom has a window that looks out into the beautiful backyard.
Baseboard heating in your room.
Full size closet with a door, but to call it a "walk-in" is kind of a white lie. I mean you could fit a few dead bodies in there but you wouldn't want to be hanging out in there. And please, mass murderers, I was joking about the dead bodies part, so please live somewhere else. I don't need any drama or cops in the house.
The house has WIFI, and cable with all of the extended channels including ShoTime, because I like Dexter. And no, I am not obsessed with serial killers, it just kind of seems that way.
There's a new washer & dryer in the common area.
Not only is there a new fridge but we also have 2 other mini fridges in the house!
There's a tv in the main living room and a wood burning fireplace. I bought a half a cord of firewood and we have fires quite often.
There are two decks out back, and the fenced in back yard, is WITHOUT A DOUBT, the best part of the house. I have a full size table with umbrella and 5 chairs out there and two grills that we fire up every month of the year. I am not embarrassed to say that I will be out there in a parka in the rain or snow to grill me up some meat and veggies!

The DIRT on the people who live here -

3 other roommates and we all have jobs. We are ALL workaholics. We work long hours, we hang out in our rooms a bunch but we all get along. There are two younger guys 30 year old computer tech & 23 year old student with a job and me, a 42 year old woman who is a small business owner and always on the go.
We are all 420 friendly but no one smokes cigarettes and we don't allow it in the home.
We are all really neat and expect you to be, too and to clean up after yourself.
We all get along REALLY, REALLY well and we need someone who can come in and get along and not have a personality that annoys the hell out of everyone. You should be respectful, not listen to music too loudly, although, if we are all hanging out together and socializing, turn it up...

Because there are four of us living here, we really don't like having too many people over all the time. But everyone has a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend over from time-to-time and that's totally cool. I'm talking about walking into the house from a long day of work and there are a bunch of folks you don't know hanging out. That shit doesn't fly too well.

Having said that, we just decorated the house all up for Christmas we all got involved and we came to agreements before we did it and thought it would be cool to have a Christmas party. So, we're gonna have some appetizers I cook a lot and we usually go in on meals together, cocktails, music, a fire, etc and we will all bring our bf's & gf's over and a couple of friends to enjoy some holiday spirit and spirits! together.

Now, if you think you're down with that and can bring something to our little pseudo family, then I say BRING IT ON!

Utilities are a flat rate of $125 a month. I cover the difference so you can bank on the rent and utilities always costing $675 a month.

There's NO LEASE for you. I am the only person on the lease.
There's NO SECURITY DEPOSIT. But if you starting breaking shit around here then we need to talk and figure out a fair solution.
There's NO PETS cause I already have a 5 pound Yorkshire Terrier and he likes being king of the castle.

If this sounds awesome to you, then tell me a bit about yourself. Tell me about your living habits, how long you think you'd like to live here if you end up digging it here. How much stuff do you have that is gonna go outside of your room? What do you do for a living or what are your hours?

I've kinda given you a rundown about us and our living habits and I need to try and figure out through your email who is going to be the best fit for the guy who's moving out at the end of the month. Only you can tell me about you.


Thanks for looking and I hope you have a sense of humor, cause all of us here, do!

Location: Shoreline - 145th near Lake City Way