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American female
American female About me: Female
Smoking: No
Pets: No
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Address: Bundang/Seongnam, Seoul, Korea
Maximum rent: 500
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: American female
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American female

Hello. I am an American female (25) looking for a roommate who either has a place already or we can go into one together by splitting key money. I work in Sujin, next to Moran station, but am willing to commute up to an hour from there. To give a rough estimate, it must be below the river (currently in Gangnam) and the place we share should be cheap enough to split rent/utilities to 500,000won per person (give or take). I have a place in mind in Migeum that makes this possible but I prefer not to spend 1mil in living expenses per month during my stay in Korea.

About me:
I am pretty organized and tidy, so leaving dirty dishes in the sink for 3+ days is not cool at all. I don't mind dogs and many animals but not into cats because they shed and claw everything up.
I am quiet and keep to myself or I can be social with you, just depends on how you want it to be. I am not into partying, so constant house parties is a no. If all this is asking too much, please feel free to hit the back button on your browser.

Basically, I am clean and don't bother you as long as you keep your messes in your room or clean up messes you make in the common area. Contact me if you're interested. I am available ASAP.