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Johanna About me: Male
Smoking: Yes
Pets: Yes
Location: Raleigh, United States
Maximum rent: 962
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: Johanna
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GRAD/PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS ONLY, you have to provide proof to be on the lease

The house I live in is looking for new roommates. It's a 6 person house, all grad students you have to be a grad student. It's at 121 B South Roberson, which is between Franklin and Cameron, pretty much across from IP3 --- you can walk to bars/school. I've lived here for 3 years and love it, especially biking/walking to class, and meeting people outside of my program.
It's a work hard/play hard house. We do go out a lot, I've really enjoyed the chance to meet people outside of dental school, and have met most of my friends these past 3 years by virtue of living in this house. Next year, everyone is graduating and moving out except 1 dental student . --- the two downstairs rooms are typically women. Upstairs is 4 units, which is going to be guys per usual. The rooms are enormous, you have your own half bathroom, but share a shower with 1 person. You have a very large walk-in closet. We all share a large living room and kitchen 2 fridges and a mini fridge for beer with a very large walk in pantry. There is a bike closet with a lock outside, and we have a full parking lot and parking is NEVER an issue. Brand new industrial washer and drier -- new counters just put into the kitchen. The rooms are large and pretty inclusive, so if you want privacy, you can have it.

We do interview potential roommates to make sure it's the laid back/fun kind of person that with mesh well, because living with 5 other people is not a good time if you don't get along with everyone. It's extremely laid back and easy going. That being said, I'm not taking part in that since next year will be my last year, so the two med students will largely do this, but they are great.

Overall, I've realllllllllly enjoyed living here. We don't have raging parties and play beer pong and wreck the place, but we go to bars a lot, and people occasionally pregame here. That being said, privacy has never been an issue, and when people have exams, everyone obliges, because we're all grad students and understand. If you're interested, shoot me an email. Pictures available by email.

It's 505 a month, and utilities split 6 ways so it's only about 50 a month there. That's an absolute steal considering the location.

email for more info

121 S. Roberson st

Location: chapel hill