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Dandre About me: Couple
Location: Dallas, United States
Max payment: 829
Date: Immediately
Pets: No pets please
Roommates Preferred: Female

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I live by myself in a huge loft that is too big for me and I'm looking for a roommate since mine is moving to Australia. So, I'm looking to rent out the second bedroom. I'm looking for someone to move in around May 1st. The loft is centrally located right in the heart of Fort Worth. It's walking distance to all of the downtown restaurants, shops, grocery stores, theaters, and bars and is a quick 5 minute drive to the West 7th neighborhood tons of bars and restaurants. I am also less than 10 minutes away from the Stockyards. If you work in downtown Dallas and hate the commute, the TRE takes you all the way there everyday, and it's only ten minutes away!

I even made a Google map with some of my favorite places nearby: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=207697828844295739744.0004920856ceb763eef66&z=11

It's a 2-story loft in downtown Fort Worth, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with a washer/dryer/laundry room. The second bedroom is 11x12, has a huge, detached bathroom, and has a big closet. Both rooms have a big window and a fan. I also have a non-attached garage that doubles as storage for furniture and bikes. There is a 1 car garage with a garage door opener if you want one. Rent is $750/month plus 1/2 of all bills electricity, gas, water, AT&T U-verse, wireless internet... All of the bills usually add up to about $150 a month if we are careful with electricity, so you'd only need $900 per month. Pretty cheap for downtown if you ask me!

I am 29 years old.
I travel about ¼ of the year for work and play.
I make my own beer.
Not much bothers me.
I have a kickass dog that doubles as living room furniture.
I have an amazing girlfriend that stays with me from time to time.
My cat is absolutely the coolest cat on the block.
If you have a pet and travel, I do not mind watching it as long as the courtesy is extended to my dog and cat when I travel.

My only superficial requirements are that you have a job or someone pays your rent, are a student, or have a huge dividend that you won in a lawsuit because a cab driver ran over your foot. As long as you pay the rent, I really don't care where you get your money from. Unless it's from contract murder... That's not cool man. I'm looking for someone who rolls with the punches, is ready to go on an adventure at a moment's notice, or is fine being a lazy bum when necessary. I also want someone that doesn't mind people over at random times. While I do like my weekday nights to be relatively calm, the weekends are full throttle. I'm asking a lot I know, but I'm willing to share my lifestyle and I only want what's best for us. :

Gender, ethnicity, religion are not important! No, really, it's not important. I just hope you're ok with off colored religious jokes. In other words, have a sense of humor! It's a huge plus if you like going out, beer and wine, cooking food, and would be open to hosting travelers and parties with me.

NOTE: I give no promises of my amazingness, fun times, adventures, and all around laid back personality, all while being a responsible adult.

Call me at EIGHT ONE SEVEN SEVEN EIGHT ONE ZERO FIVE FOUR FIVE oooooooor..... you can write me from here.

Cheers Everyone


P.S. www.thedepotapts.com for flashy photos

P.P.S. I'm working on getting photos of the actual bedroom. Until then, come see it!

555 Elm St

cats are OK
dogs are OK
Location: Downtown Fort Worth