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Jovany About me: Female
Location: New York, United States
Max payment: 882
Date: Immediately
Pets: No pets please
Roommates Preferred: Male

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Hello There.. Wish you good luck on your search ..

My name is E- l-v-i-n

I am looking for an Musician / Artist / Roommate to come and move with me in my loft in Newark.

The building is a 10 minute to walk to Penn Station Newark.

Commuting is 20 minutes to NYC:
- From Penn Station Newark, you can access lower Manhattan, World Trade Center via path within 20 minutes
- You can also Commute to Midtown via NJ transit to NYC Penn Station and the train ride is also 20 minutes.

The loft is located in Ironbound Newark... it is a Portuguese community, with a lot of Brazilians as well. There are plenty of artists migrating from Brooklyn and other places in NYC, just in search of more space, lower fees, and possibly quiet time. A small community is slowly growing in the area.

About Me
A lover of life.

I am very open minded individual. I work on the internet industry developing solutions and web applications, this is what I do to make money, pay bills.. all of that... maybe also finance hobbies. I am also building 1 or 2 businesses of my own, I have an entrepreneurial drive. You know, attaining financial Independence can really help you contribute more, and I would it is one of the steps you need to take in the pursue

My passion is music though, as well as art in general multimedia, theater, dance, poetry, painting. The main objective of having the loft is to have a creative outlet to use for inspiration.

I have been on building a sound production facility, equipped to complete work, but have a lot work to do .. and I am investing on more instruments and systems, etc.

I love art communities. Lived in multiple ones through the years, in Brooklyn, Jersey City.

Musically, I listen to everything, everything... Classical, electronics, rock, pop, experimental .. Good music. Stuff that touches your soul and heart. I would say that I prefer experimental - new shit, more than anything else.

Living with Me
We can share the space.... and have fun together ... I am social and really love people, but mainly prefer to socialize, not just for the hell of it, and waste time. Meaning I am not interested in small talk or meeting the same people every Friday or Saturday night and talk about the shit all over and over and over again every Friday and the next, and the next.

I am interested in completing projects, in making $1000 bucks and flying to Jamaica. Interest in cool projects like I am planning to install hottub in the back the loft ... it is going to cost $5000 or so.. but it will be cool to get into the hottub .. then smoke a spliff, and go into the sound room, or pull out the easel and the paint, or your diary, you get the idea. Though there is a Gas Fireplace in the loft, I want to install a Wood one for the next winter.

I would say that is better to only invite your best friends here, not just anyone we don't know very very well or trust. Yes.. your friends, girlfriend, whatever can sleep over. Drama sucks though.. drama free is cool and better.

I like playing music, loud most of the time - I am open to your music, loud also. Neighbors complain at times.. in those cases .. we put the music down...

Well, we have a sound proof room - that is good for loud music pretty much anytime.

Smoke is better out the window, specially cigarettes. I smoke sometimes. If you are a compulsive smoker, the firescape / stairs are best. Shit smiling like cigarette smoke is nasty. Weed smoke for some reason is not that damaging.

I am not neat, but love to be. Or maybe I am neat, but I don't the time. Dirt sucks. It is best to keep shit organized, clean, neat. It allows for the Chi life-force thing energy to flow better. I believe in energy and order and I am very perceptive. I am trying to improve this aspect in my room. You can do whatever you want in your room, but we need to push to keep common areas flowing.

About you
A musician fits better here, but a painter to, a fashion designer, a videographer as well.

I say a musician, because then we can focus and work together, share tools. We can start mastering not only tracks, but next thing we are filming, building a set, and publishing videos. Acoustic band sessions.. all of that.

You are not broke. We have to pay the rent on time, otherwise that fucks things up.

If you have a business drive, as I mentioned, I am a struggling entrepreneur. Money is good.


Location: Newark NJ