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Joanna About me: Male
Location: Spokane, United States
Max payment: 900
Date: Immediately
Pets: No pets please
Roommates Preferred: Female

Contact: Joanna
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* Captcha: m47kam


Hi, I am looking for someone who wants to rent a half a house with me. I have a house in mind. Person needs to be CLEAN, pick up after themselves ie clean your own dishes, not leaving your stuff everywhere, help out with household chores mowing the lawn, vacuuming etc, responsible pays rent/bills on time, respectful, trustworthy, level headed/chill/no drama, and independent would love to be friends if it works but not attached at the hip, we each have our separate lives. Rent would be $350/mo not including utilities. I have a yellow lab, so it'd be important you like dogs. Separate groceries. If you are interested please email me back Dana. Thanks, hope you have a great day!

dogs are OK
Location: Sandpoint